Looking back: Funding of GSGG by the land Lower Saxony 2013 to 2017

From April 2013 to December 2017, GSGG was generously funded by the Ministry for Science and Culture of the land Lower Saxony as a subproject of the “institutional strategy” of Georgia Augusta. Within this framework, four interdisciplinary early career research groups were established, each focused on one of the main topics of the Göttingen humanities and lead by two postdocs. The aim of this project was to intensify research within these areas, to initiate joint research projects on common qualification levels (doctoral phase, postdoc phase, professorship) and support postdocs in developing their scientific careers.

Besides this specific funding programme for postdocs, the funding lines for all doctoral candidates and supervising postdocs of GSGG could be expanded substantially within this period. Through individual funding (short term grants, travel allowances) and the funding of scientific events (conferences, workshops, networking events), there was considerable freedom for both doctoral candidates and postdocs in the humanities.

Also this year – thanks to the generous support of the Faculties of Humanities and Theology – we are able to continue our funding programme to a remarkable extend. Still, the relation between eligible applications and our budget made it necessary to adjust the allocation practices so that allowances for your projects may turn out smaller. In particular conference and research trips should therefore be planned well in advance and you should consider to secure external funds. For more information on third party funds, please see our website. We will inform you on our funding programme for 2019 as soon as we have the necessary information.