Tag der GSGG 2017


On Thursday, 2nd November 2017, our Tag der GSGG was held – for the first time with a new format. Starting at 4pm, nine doctoral candidates presented their projects with short speeches and poster presentation within the framework of Geisteswissenschaftliche Einblicke. About 60 guests received insights into interesting current research in the humanities. The Best-Poster-Prize, endowed with €100, was awarded to the art historian Maleen Linke for her poster on “Der Künstler im Industriezeitalter”. The event ended with a speech by our postdoc group titled “Retrospektiven – Perspektiven. Vier Jahre Nachwuchsgruppen der GSGG” in which they looked back on their time at GSGG.

During the festive evening event, the linguist Nina-Kristin Pendzich was awarded the Christian-Gottlob-Heyne-Prize, endowed with €5000, for her dissertation on “Lexical Nonmanuals in German Sign Language (DGS). An empirical and theoretical investigation”. The laudation was held by her supervisors Annika Herrmann and Markus Steinbach.