Scientific advisory board

Since its foundation, the work of GSGG has been accompanied by a scientific advisory board, which has supported us with the strategic development. Since 1st October 2018, a new scientific advisory board is appointed, which consists of the following scholars:

  • Prof Dr Mette Birkedaal Brun (Church History) of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Prof Dr Carsten Dutt (German and Russian Languages and Literatures) of the University of Notredame, USA
  • Prof Dr Ursula Gärtner (Classical Philology) of the University of Graz
  • Prof Dr Rüdiger Görner (Comparative Literature) of the Queen Mary University of London, England
  • Prof Dr Beate Roessler (Philosophy and Ethics) of the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Prof Dr Nicholas Stargardt (History) of the University of Oxford
  • Prof Dr Michael Zander (Comparative History of Religion) of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland

The scientific advisory board and the board will meet for a joint session on 2nd November; we are happy to say that most members of the scientific advisory board will arrive one day early in order to attend the “Tag der GSGG”.