Gender Equitable Inclusion of Female Doctoral Candidates

Behind the slightly cumbersome title stands a project, for which GGG (responsibly) and GSGG raised funding of the Equality Innovation Fund. The objective of the project is to network female doctoral candidates with severe disabilities and to inform the academic public through lectures and discussion meetings. As the opening of the lecture series, the Theologian Dr Christina Ernst and her supervisor Prof Dr Jan Hermelink spoke of their experiences, which were, by no means only but also, influenced by the circumstance that Christina Ernst is blind. Within (unfortunately) a very small circle it was intensively discussed that “diversity“ includes much more than what we normally understand as “different“; additionally, the theological approach to the topic “inclusive science” came up – ”Einsicht und sehen sind nicht dasselbe“, which is the title of the talk. Furthermore, it was discussed how structures at our university can be created which bring inclusion from a conceptional level and a level of higher education policy to a practical and immediately effective level.