Grants and allowances

This year, GSGG has a considerably smaller amount at its disposal because the long-standing funding by the federal state of Lower Saxony finally ended with the year 2018. Therefore, concerning individual grant, the Board has decided to focus on supporting the doctoral candidates in the often challenging completion phase; however, we will only be able to award four completion-grants per annum. The awarding of exposé-grants will be suspended for one year. Furthermore, the excursions, which we organised each time in early summer over the past years, cannot take place anymore until further notice.

Funds for conference and research trips and for self-organised events are still available, albeit to a significantly lesser extent than before. The conditions for travel grants basically remain in force. However, we presently cannot foresee if we will always be able to grant you the maximum of the allowance you applied for because this depends on how many applications are submitted (the number of submitted applications is subject to considerable fluctuations and hence not predictable).

Please take this information into account when planning your trip: Do not hesitate to announce your needs according to the well-known and on our homepage available proviso but consider that you will perhaps receive a smaller allowance. Please prioritise in consultation with your supervisors which conference and research trips are really important for your doctoral project and which are interesting but dispensable.

There is currently (and likely in future) no possibility for graduate institutions to raise notable third-party funds so that we have our hands tied concerning this matter. After we could offer a nationally and internationally uniquely broad and extensive support programme for many years due to state funding, these cuts are painful but unfortunately unavoidable. We will systematically point to opportunities of external promotion and would like to advise you on this.