Grants and allowances

In light of the smaller budget (cf. Newsletter No. 42) the board has decided several modifications of the funding programme, which follow the proviso to focus our support, on the one hand, on the current doctoral candidates and, on the other hand, on the postdocs who are associated with GSGG as supervisors of doctoral candidates:


  • Doctoral candidates are entitled to apply for grants and allowances until the day of their disputation.
  • Doctoral candidates in their first year after their disputation are no longer entitled to apply for grants and allowances.
  • Postdocs (supervisors of doctoral candidates of GSGG) are entitled to apply for co-financing of self-organised workshops, conferences or network meetings which offer doctoral candidates and postdocs the opportunity to put their research up for discussion. Travel allowances, however, will not be awarded to postdocs anymore.
  • Joint trips of supervisors and doctoral candidates through tandem applications will not be subsidised anymore.
  • In future, research travels can only be subsidised up to max. € 1,000.


Furthermore, in future, the board will take into account how extensively the applicant has already been supported in order that the scarce resources are fairly distributed.


As always, please find the valid support criteria on our website – please use always the current leaflets and forms for your applications.