Tag der GSGG/Geisteswissenschaftliche Einblicke

einblicke_gsggThursday, 24th October 2019

From 4 pm

Alte Mensa, Adam-von Trott-Saal

The twelfth “Tag der GSGG“ will begin with the “Geisteswissenschaftlichen Einblicken“, which gauges a wide range of research within the Humanities across various disciplines and periods through short presentations and poster presentations by doctoral candidates.

All doctoral candidates of GSGG are cordially invited to enrich the event with their contributions. We already have received registrations but there are still open slots. If you are interested to present your doctoral project, please register here [Verlinkung zum Anmeldeformular] until the 15th May.

At the ensuing evening event, the “Christian-Gottlob-Heyne-Preis“ for the best dissertation in the Humanities of the past academic year will be awarded; as always, there will be a subsequent small reception.