The Course offer of GSGG (June to September 2019)

There are still places available in these courses!

This workshop is addressed especially to doctoral candidates, whose mother tongue is not German and who write their dissertation or other academic texts in German. It is not a German course but rather focuses on the academic style of texts. Naturally, German native speakers are welcome too.

The participants of this practice-oriented course will receive tools and techniques (in MS PowerPoint) for the design of an academic poster. Questions on how academic content can be communicated via this medium in a meaningful and clear way and how it can be shown to its best advantage in print will be clarified. The first appointment lays the (technical) basics; at the second appointment, practical questions by means of the own poster will be settled.

The writing workshop focuses on various creative writing techniques, which facilitates thought process in order to develop new associations and connections. These can affect the own writing process sustainably in a positive way and prevent imminent writing difficulties right from the start.