Report of the doctoral candidate spokespeople

On Friday, 24 January, a first network meeting on the topic „Cumulative PhD studies“ took place. In a small group, interested doctoral students from various disciplines devoted themselves to various aspects of the cumulative dissertation that is permitted under the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Humanities since 2015. Exceptionally time-consuming publication processes during the qualification phase and the question of group authorship by research primarily driven by doctoral students were identified as typical problem areas. In addition, considerable differences in the acceptance and experience of various subjects regarding the form of the cumulative dissertation were noted. This also raised the question of how supervisors can support us even better in the planning and implementation of cumulative doctorates.

The group agreed that the topic should be discussed more widely among doctoral students and supervisors and is therefore planning a “round table” with professors, doctoral candidates and doctoral students, which should lead to a more effective exchange of existing experience.