25th November 2019

From 5 PM

GSGG conference room, Friedländer Weg 2

Dr Till Manning was the PhD students‘ spokesperson in the GSGG’s executive committee during 2007/2008. After he graduated in History, he worked at the University of Hanover’s Graduate Academy, as a manager at the Lower-Saxon Technical College, and as a research manager in the University of Hanover’s presidential department. Since 2019 he works in the department for Europe and International Affairs at the Lower-Saxon Ministry for Science and Culture in Hanover, where, from 2015 onward, he held different positions, including the staff position “Digitalisation in Culture, Research and Science”.

Please register at until 21st November 2019; of course, you can also come by spontaneously.


7th January 2020

From 4 PM

GSGG conference room, Friedländer Weg 2

On 7th January, we will make good for the talk with Dr Johanna Brumberg, which had to be cancelled for July 2019. Johanna Brumberg is programme director for the funding line , “Freigeist Fellowships” at VolkswagenStiftung. To participate, please register at until 3rd January 2020; again, spontaneous visits are welcome.